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How to solve “Unable to Create Directory wp-content/uploads. Is its Parent Directory Writable by the Server” error

The cause of this error is that the wp-content/uploads folder does not exist because the migration tool I used to move the website from one host to another used the old path for uploads folder.

The old path includes the user account on the server and when I migrated to the new server the username changed so for WordPress the file does not exist.

To solve this annoying error, you need to change the path of the old uploads folder to the new one. Follow these steps to solve the problem:

  1. Log in to your WordPress admin panel (wp-admin).
  2. In the left menu go to Settings » Media.
    Media Settings - WordPress
  3. In the Store uploads in this folder field, enter wp-content/uploads and click Save changes.
    Change WordPress Uploads Folder
  4. Now you are done, go and try to upload files to the media library again.

NOTE: make sure that the Store uploads in this folder field contains wp-content/uploads only.