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Learn PHP course

An introduction to various parts of PHP. After this series, you’ll understand the basics of the language and how to move forward and start working on your PHP application!


Learn PHP: Your first file

Learn how to create your first PHP file and run it, and also take a look at some details about your PHP installation.

Learn PHP: Commenting

Commenting code is important when writing code. Here we look at how to comment in several different ways.

Learn PHP: Outputting

Output content to a page.

Learn PHP: Heredoc syntax

Using the heredoc syntax, outputting large chunks of complex content becomes easier.

Learn PHP: Variables

Learn how to create variables to store values of different datatypes.

Learn PHP: Variable Scope

Understanding variable scope in PHP.


Understanding what NULL is, and how to check for it and tell the difference between other false values.

Learn PHP: IF statements

Use IF statements to run a block of code based on an expression evaluating to true or false. We also look at IF ELSE statements.

Learn PHP: Switch

Switching is similar to a large IF statement chain, but is presented in a different way.

Learn PHP: Ternery operator

The ternery operator allows for short, inline IF statements to be performed and can tidy up your code and save time.

Learn PHP: Logical operators

Logical operators allow you to check more complex expressions where a true or false value is required.

Learn PHP: Comparison operators

Comparison operators allow you to compare values.

Learn PHP: Arithmetic operators

Perform arithmetic operations with these operators.

Learn PHP: Arrays

Arrays are maps of information that can hold different data types and are widely used as a form of collecting and holding data.

Learn PHP: Multidimensional arrays

Multidimensional arrays are simply arrays that hold other arrays, creating multiple dimensions.

Learn PHP: Foreach loop

Foreach is typically used to iterate over arrays. Here we look at creating a looping over a basic array, and outputting the values.

Learn PHP: For loop

A for loop is a loop that allows setting a value once, checking this value on each loop, and incrementing or decrementing the counter.

Learn PHP: While loops

We look at while and do while loops and the difference between them.

Learn PHP: Functions

Creating and using basic functions.

Learn PHP: Anonymous functions

Anonymous functions (or ‘closures’) are functions with no defined name.

Learn PHP: Callbacks

Using anonymous functions for callbacks.

Learn PHP: Include & Require

How to include or require files within other files, and why this is useful. We also look at include_once and require_once.

Learn PHP: GET and POST

Sending form data along with an HTTP request, and the different between POST and GET, and when they should be used.

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