There are many scenarios in which you will be extremely grateful for taking the time and making the effort to backup your website.

At the most basic level, you could be working on a post and delete it by mistake.  If you haven’t backed up, you may have to rewrite it all. Small errors can occur on your site, where part of your website may become altered or you may lose pictures or articles through your own mistakes. This happens, we’re only human, but it means taking the time to put it right and get your site working correctly again.  This may well be time that you can’t afford to waste.

Not backing up can cost you financially, too.  If you have an eCommerce store and the database becomes corrupted, you could easily lose all your customers details.  You may have orders to send out for products that have already been paid for and unless you have this information recently backed up you won’t know what to send to who.  This will be seen as providing an extremely bad service, may lose you customers and ultimately will cost you money.

Sometimes when you are updating your site, errors can occur. Imagine that through a technical glitch in an update, all your contact form entries get wiped out.  You could lose the messages from potential clients who want to hire you or all the comments you’ve received on your blog posts.  This could cost you in time, lost clients and, again, affect you financially.

Then there are the much more serious scenarios.  Your site may get hacked or something could go wrong with your hosting and you lose your whole site in one go.

This may sound like a horror story, but it does happen.  If you don’t want to lose all the work you’ve put into your site over the years, then you need to start backing up your site today.

For the low cost of $50 we’ll install the Updraft Plus, the worlds most trusted WordPress backup plugin to your WordPress installation and configure the plugin so that your website is backed up weekly to either yoour Google Drive of Dropbox account.

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