The Primal Trading web site was developed by TJ-WEBS.  Here is a statement from the Primal Trading Company owners.

We are a husband and wife team with a deep sense of responsibility to help others where we can. Our goal is to do our part in helping to eliminate poverty around the world. This is also the mission of many organizations and businesses that see the value of establishing and maintaining fair trade practices.

Fair trade means that everybody who participates in the transaction of goods is treated with mutual respect and paid a wage that helps to ensure a decent quality of life. Professional artisans from impoverished areas rely on an expanded market, like ours, to provide better lives for their families and communities.

At Primal Trading Company, we desire to continually bring even more awareness of this topic to consumers who might not yet fully understand the impact of their purchasing habits and also to serve the customers who are already dedicated to incorporating fair trade standards into their daily lives.

We are very open to discussion and criticism so please feel very free to personally contact us if you are interested in such conversations.

Thank you!

Ki and Molly

Primal Trading Company