Use UpdraftPlus To Save Backups To GoogleDrive

use updraftPlus to save backups in google drive

How to use UpdraftPlus to save backups in GoogleDrive in WordPress?

Taking regular backups of your site is extremely important. It can save you website if it ever gets hacked and then these backups can make your site live again in just few minutes.

UpdraftPlus plugin is one of the best and simple to use WordPress plugin for taking full backups of your blogs or websites and then restoring them easily. UpdraftPlus also allow you to easily Schedule or automate your Backups.

UpdraftPlus provides options to save your backup in various locations like:

  • Dropbox.
  • Google Drive.
  • Amazon S3.
  • FTP.
  • Rackspace.

There is Premium version of UpdraftPlus which provides additional functionality like Migrating Site, Multisite Support, Database Text Replace and many more.

Here we will be take a look at the process of configuring UpdraftPlus to upload backups to Google Drive.

Google Drive provides free storage of about 15 GB which is more than enough to store backups of small to medium websites.

The Process of configuring UpdraftPlus to store Backups in GoogleDrive is little lengthy by its totally worth the effort.

Here can follow these steps to setup the backup in UpdraftPlus:


Setting up UpdraftPlus to take backups.



Go to  Plugins –> UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore –> Settings  and you will see the UpdraftPlus Backup/Restore page. click  settings  option.

You can select Files Backup Schedule , Database Backup Schedule to schedule regular backup.

After that select  Google Drive  as shown in the above picture.

You need to create a new project for UpdraftPlus. SO log in to your Google Account and you can follow this link to go to your Google API console.


Create a new project.


Create a new Google project.




Enter Project name and Project ID. if you want to get emails from Google, Select Yes otherwise NO.

You need to Agree to their Terms of Service. Press Create button to create a new project for your UpdraftPlus backups.




Click  Drive API  link to proceed further.




Click Enable to Enable the API.




Go to  Drive UI Integration tab.

Enter the Application Name and Short Description and other information. and scroll down to see further options.


Add Icons and website url.


If you want to set an Icon for your Application then you can upload an image here. After that scroll down to see next set of options.




Same way If you want to set an  Icon  for your  Document  then you can upload an image here.




Fill Open URL field with your website address and if you need additional options then you should configure them too. After this click  Save Changes.




Now go to OAuth consent screen and enter your Email address and Product name.

Click Save to save the changes.




Now select Credentials and click on OAuth client ID.




In Client ID, select Web application as Application  type.

Enter Name (updraftPLUS)  for Client ID.
Enter your Website url in Authorised Javascript origins field.

To fill the Authorized redirect URIs field we need to copy the authorised redirect URI from UpdaftPlus plugin page.

So go back to the UpdraftPlus settings page.




copy the authorised redirect URI text as shown in the above image. Go to Google API Console page.




and paste it here as shown in the picture and finally click Create. It will generate the Client ID and Client secret key.




You can find these Client ID and Client secret key by clicking the credentials as shown in above picture.




You need to copy the Client ID and Client secret key values to enter them on the next step.




Enter the Google Drive Client ID and Google Drive Client Secret Key that you copied in previous step in their appropriate fields. After that Click Save.




Now you need to Click on the UpdraftPlus notice to authenticate your Google Drive Account.




You should see the Success message after successful authentication of your Google Drive account.

You can now start taking your First Backup now By Clicking  Backup Now button.


Taking Backups


Include all the options that you think are necessary and click   Back Now   to proceed further.




Backup is in Progress.



use updraftplus to save backups in google drive.
How to use updraftplus to save backups in google drive.

Go to your Google Drive account  to verify and you should see an UpdraftPlus folder.  Here all our backups will be stored from now on.



use updraftplus to save backups in google drive.
How to use updraftplus to save backups in google drive.

Restoring backups, you can choose from Database, Plugins and other options to restore them if ever needed.



use updraftplus to save backups in google drive.
how to use updraftplus to save backups in google drive.

Click Restore and you are good to go.

GoDaddy Email Forwarding

Many of my WordPress website clients have recently been running into email problems on their sites.  Email configurations that had been working previously just seem to break.

I don’t fully understand the issues but I suspect that some sort of email spam prevention sortware on the website host is responsible for the sudden change.  From the website Living With Beth I fund this statement:

I researched the problem some more and came across information deep in a forum post that seemed to point me in the right direction. Apparently, at some point, GoDaddy email add some powerful spam protections that make it impossible for GoDaddy managed WordPress to send emails unless they come from a GoDaddy-hosted email address.

The fix for this issue is dependent on the hosting company. For example, the fix for my Dreanhost clients has been different that what works for my GoDaddy hosted clients.  I used the Postman SMTP plugin for all the various hosts.  But the configuration is vastly different for each host.

On GoDaddy I set up a forwarding email accoount and configure the Postman SMTP plugin in the defaul mode to use the forwarding emaill address.

Here are the GoDaddy steps to set up the forwarding email.

WordPress on GoDaddy email problems? Here's how I fixed them.

To set up a GoDaddy email address for yourself, login to GoDaddy, then click Hosting at the top, then Email.

You should see a list of any email addresses your domains have. Click the Create button, and you’ll see a dialog box for creating a new email account.

WordPress on GoDaddy email problems? Here's how I fixed them.

If you click Change Plan, you can choose which domain you want to draw the email account from.

WordPress on GoDaddy email problems? Here's how I fixed them.

When you start typing the email address and hit the @ symbol, you’ll see a list of the available domains, including your managed WordPress one.

In the bottom pane where you see additional options, you can choose to forward emails from your new GoDaddy email to another address, and you can choose the size of the mailbox. Keep in mind that even if you choose the largest size available and have messages forwarded to another email box, you will need to check this mailbox periodically.

Otherwise, it will eventually fill up and stop accepting new messages. Forwarded emails will remain in the mailbox until you login to the actual mailbox and delete them.

WordPress on GoDaddy email problems? Here's how I fixed them.

Based on my own trial, error and research, I don’t think you’l

How Much Should A Custom WordPress Website Cost?

Freelancer rates

Beginner freelancer: $25-$40 per hour
Intermediate freelancer: $40-75 per hour
Good, experienced freelancer: $75 – $125 per hour
Excellent, in demand freelancer: $125 – $175 per hour
Specialist, best in industry: $175 – $400 per hour

Agency rates

Small market general agency: $50 – $75 per hour
Medium market general agency: $75 – $115 per hour
Medium market reputable agency: $115 – $150 per hour
Medium market high end agency: $150 – $175 per hour
Medium market best in industry agency: $175 – $225 per hour
Large market reputable agency: $150 – $175 per hour
Large market high end agency: $175 – $250 per hour
Large market best in industry agency: $200 – $275 per hour

See the great article at Post Status for the full report on how to price your website work

Primal Trading Company

The Primal Trading web site was developed by TJ-WEBS.  Here is a statement from the Primal Trading Company owners.

We are a husband and wife team with a deep sense of responsibility to help others where we can. Our goal is to do our part in helping to eliminate poverty around the world. This is also the mission of many organizations and businesses that see the value of establishing and maintaining fair trade practices.

Fair trade means that everybody who participates in the transaction of goods is treated with mutual respect and paid a wage that helps to ensure a decent quality of life. Professional artisans from impoverished areas rely on an expanded market, like ours, to provide better lives for their families and communities.

At Primal Trading Company, we desire to continually bring even more awareness of this topic to consumers who might not yet fully understand the impact of their purchasing habits and also to serve the customers who are already dedicated to incorporating fair trade standards into their daily lives.

We are very open to discussion and criticism so please feel very free to personally contact us if you are interested in such conversations.

Thank you!

Ki and Molly

Primal Trading Company

Good To Great, A premier Cannabis Consulting firm

Good to Great

A Premier Cannabis Consulting Firm

A new website for Good To Great has just been released to the public.

Good to Great is a Premier Cannabis Consulting Firm with a proven history of success.  Together our team has over 30,000 hours of experience spanning all aspects of the cannabis industry.  Our consultants have proven expertise in cultivation, processing and retail.  Some of the services we offerer are assistance with the license procurement process, project management, work flow evaluation and standardization, employee hiring & training as well as strategic plant production & management.  In addition to providing intellectual consultation services; we offer financial modeling and Pro Formas for these fields, as well as detailed SOPs and Plans that cover the full spectrum from seed to sale including cultivation, curing, diversion, safety and security.

The website is was created using WordPress and the Divi Theme from Elegant Themes

Several plug-ins are being utilized for added functionality.  The Formidable plug-in is being used to create two forms to allow potential clients to contact Good To Great.  The Yoast SEO plug-in is being used to ensure that each page and blog post has the best potential for a high rank in the search engines.  And Google Analytics has been added to the new website in an effort to fine tune the website in an effort to increase the likely hood that potential clients have no trouble finding Good To Great.

The address for the website is

Premium quality Maeng Da Kratom

Created a new website for a customer that will be selling premium quality Maeng Da Kratom online.  It’s called Gods Kratom.  The website uses WordPress and WooCommerce.  The Website can be found at

“Maeng Da Kratom is simply the best and most sought after strain of Kratom.  It is the strongest Kratom strain available today.  I have thoroughly tested our kratom against several other companies to ensure maximum quality of our Maeng Da Kratom “

Premium quality, low prices, and elite customer service Is our primary focus at Gods Kratom.  We are dedicated to bringing you a supreme Kratom experience with the finest quality at unbeatable prices.  We have carefully selected only the strongest and most euphoric Kratom from the best suppliers, so you receive the highest grade product.  Guaranteed, Everytime.  Our Kratom come from the regions in which they are found naturally insure quality.  All vendors are screened rigorously and provide documentation with each batch.