GoDaddy Email Forwarding

Many of my WordPress website clients have recently been running into email problems on their sites.  Email configurations that had been working previously just seem to break.

I don’t fully understand the issues but I suspect that some sort of email spam prevention sortware on the website host is responsible for the sudden change.  From the website Living With Beth I fund this statement:

I researched the problem some more and came across information deep in a forum post that seemed to point me in the right direction. Apparently, at some point, GoDaddy email add some powerful spam protections that make it impossible for GoDaddy managed WordPress to send emails unless they come from a GoDaddy-hosted email address.

The fix for this issue is dependent on the hosting company. For example, the fix for my Dreanhost clients has been different that what works for my GoDaddy hosted clients.  I used the Postman SMTP plugin for all the various hosts.  But the configuration is vastly different for each host.

On GoDaddy I set up a forwarding email accoount and configure the Postman SMTP plugin in the defaul mode to use the forwarding emaill address.

Here are the GoDaddy steps to set up the forwarding email.

WordPress on GoDaddy email problems? Here's how I fixed them.

To set up a GoDaddy email address for yourself, login to GoDaddy, then click Hosting at the top, then Email.

You should see a list of any email addresses your domains have. Click the Create button, and you’ll see a dialog box for creating a new email account.

WordPress on GoDaddy email problems? Here's how I fixed them.

If you click Change Plan, you can choose which domain you want to draw the email account from.

WordPress on GoDaddy email problems? Here's how I fixed them.

When you start typing the email address and hit the @ symbol, you’ll see a list of the available domains, including your managed WordPress one.

In the bottom pane where you see additional options, you can choose to forward emails from your new GoDaddy email to another address, and you can choose the size of the mailbox. Keep in mind that even if you choose the largest size available and have messages forwarded to another email box, you will need to check this mailbox periodically.

Otherwise, it will eventually fill up and stop accepting new messages. Forwarded emails will remain in the mailbox until you login to the actual mailbox and delete them.

WordPress on GoDaddy email problems? Here's how I fixed them.

Based on my own trial, error and research, I don’t think you’l

Increasing the WordPress Memory Limit

If your site is having memory limit issues, you may be able to adjust this yourself.  Make a simple change to either the wp-config.php, PHP.ini, or .htaccess file to increase the WordPress Memory Limit. I use the File Manager on the GoDaddy Hosting page to make the change.  You may need to use FTP if your host does not provide some sore of file editing capability.

To adjust it on your own, here are some things you can try:

1. Edit your wp-config.php file.

Add this to the very bottom, right before the line that says, “Happy Blogging”:

define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '256M');
WordPress memory can be different from the server – you need to set this regardless of server memory settings

2. Edit your PHP.ini file.

If you have access to your PHP.ini file, change the line in PHP.ini
If your line shows 64M try 256M:

memory_limit = 256M ; Maximum amount of memory a script may consume (64MB)

3. Edit your .htaccess file.

If you don’t have access to PHP.ini try adding this to an .htaccess file:

php_value memory_limit 256M

4. If none of the above works then you would need to talk to your host about having them increase your memory limit. Website Goes Live, the website for Key General Contractors went live today.

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